April 2017

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Youth Council Easter Egg Hunt

The Youth City Council is hosting a Spring City Easter Egg Hunt.

Date: 4/15/17

Time: 10:00 a.m.

Bring your Easter baskets and come hunt for eggs with your friends and family at the City Park!

(This is a free event for Spring City residents.)

Age divisions:  0-2 (assisted by parents), 3-4, 5-7, 8-11

And there will also be a Facebook/Instagram Easter Egg Geocache event around town for youth ages 12+!

If you are a youth, age 14-18, and would like to join the YCC, please contact Mindy Hardy 462-5424

Meeting Schedule & Office Hours

City Council (1st Thursday of the month)  6 April 2017 @ 7:00 PM

Planning & Zoning (last Wednesday of the month) 26 April 2017 @ 6:30 PM

All meetings are held at City Hall and open to the public.

City Hall Office Hous: Monday –Thursday 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Volunteer Spotlight- Mindy Hardy

The Spring City Youth City Council's new advisor is Mindy Hardy. Her great attitude ands enthusiasm is felt by all who come in contact with her. In just a short time, Mindy has helped organize an amazing youth committee. We look forward to the activities and service they have planned for our community, including the up-coming Easter Egg Hunt. It is people like Mindy who ensure the future of our children, our community and our country. Spring City would like to acknowledge and thank Mindy for her time and willingness to give back to the community.

Mark Your Calendar


 YOU ARE INVITED! People from all over the county and the country are coming for the Dedication Celebration on Friday, May 26th at 1:00 p.m. After the dedication you will get the thrill of touring the building and refreshments will be served. 
 Quarters for Christmas Fund Raiser
Hope you've started dropping all your loose change into a mason jar! SAVE ALL OF YOUR COINS, not just quarters, ALL YEAR LONG! Our Christmas Party, on December 2nd, will focus on helping others in our county. There is a special Quarters for Christmas can at the offices of City Hall & our elementary school for you to drop your coins in or empty your jar of coins into when it gets full.  Then you can work to fill it again and again! Saving a little bit at a time adds up to doing many, many good things for people in need in our county!  Get the kids involved in this worthy project!!!
Dates of Events to Add to Your New 2017 Calendar!
May 26th -- Dedication of the Old School Community Center
 May 27th -- Heritage Day
June 5th -- 3rd Annual Pet Show -- City Bowery
July 21-24 -- Pioneer Days
August 5th -- Blue Grass Festival
August 29-Sept. 2nd -- Plein Air Arts Competition
September 9th -- School Bell Run
November -- Christmas Ornaments submissions begin!

Residents Reducing Wildfire Risk

Community Project for May 6, 2017 9-12am We, on the Spring City Wildfire Council, have the opportunity of offering help on your property to remove potential fire hazards of dead shrubs, old wood structures, debris, etc. This is for FREE!! This effort will be an ongoing project throughout several years. We need property owners to volunteer their property, give permission, and oversee their own property work—if they so choose. We also need volunteers to help with the removal: Men with chainsaws & youth with energy, and anyone with a desire to help our community. This is a service opportunity for groups, scouts, clubs, etc. Gloves are a must, sturdy shoes, cutters, chainsaws, wagons and wheelbarrows needed. If you are interested, please contact Jane Hawkes @ 707-673-7548 or janeannhawkes@gmail.com

Daughters of the Utah Pioneers

Daughters it's time for our April meeting. April 3 at 11 am Our lesson will be on Clothing Styles of the 1800's. We would love to see you, and bring a friend. Remember Meetings are the first Monday of the month at 11 am at the Museum.

Heritage Day & Dedication

In April the Friends go into high gear as we prepare for Heritage Day, and this year will be particularly intense as we want to follow the building dedication on Friday May 26th with the best Heritage Day celebration ever. We will have over 20 buildings in town open, 15 of which are private homes, as well as the Art Squared Auction and art sales. Our craft sale will be great this year, and the antique dealers are planning to come. Please welcome some visitors and pitch in and contribute to the event. This is the day that has led to the completion of our newly restored city hall and community center, and to the respect and fondness that so many Utahns feel for Spring City. Mark your calendars now for May 26th at 1 (the dedication) and Saturday May 27th, beginning with breakfast at the city park, the home tour starting at 10, a stop by the art auction and craft sale at the community center, a short concert by Brian Stucki at the historic LDS Chapel and turkey BBQ lunch, then more home tour until 4! It will be a great day, and your out-of-town friends will love to visit you in Springtown.

Plein Air and Painting Event

This year's Spring City painting event will be from August 29 to September 2. Last year we had over 80 artists participate. Artists will be painting outdoors throughout the County that Tuesday through Friday. On Friday evening, September 1, the Spring City Arts Gallery will host a reception for the artists, and all residents are invited to see the work created in the previous four days, and hear the announcement of the winners. The next morning, the painters will be doing a "quick paint" event in Spring City, and you are welcome to watch over their shoulders as they try to capture on canvas the beauty of our town. That day (September 2) there will also be an exhibition of all the artwork.

Spring City Citizen Corps (SCCC)

Community Meetings & Classes

Sponsored by Spring City Citizen Corps (SCCC) for the advancement of

Skills/ Preparedness/ Self-Reliance/ Community Resilience

April 6   (Thurs, 7 PM, City Hall) Plan, Prepare, Prevent: 

              Skills— By Popular Demand; Community Radio Communication Practice

April 13 (Thurs, 7 PM, City Hall) Plan, Prepare, Prevent:

 Skills—By Popular Demand; Making Yarn from Wool, Drop Spindle Method

April 20 (Thurs, 7 PM, City Hall) Plan, Prepare, Prevent:

 Skills—By Popular Demand; Tree and Bush Planting

April 23 (Sun, 6:30 PM, City Hall) Plan, Prepare, Prevent:

 Skills—By Popular Demand; Folks, This Ain’t Normal, Nutritional Resilience

April 27 (Thurs, 7 PM, City Hall) Plan, Prepare, Prevent:

  Skills—By Popular Demand; Critical Knots

All events are open to the public at NO COST.

Bring family, friends, neighbors!

Questions: 435-709-1474

Spring City Citizen Corps (SCCC)

Important Notice

This year the Central Utah Regional Citizen Corps has opened up their annual conference to the general public AND THERE IS NO REGISTRATION FEE: Sat., April 22nd 8:30 – 3:00.  Pick up a registration form along with your newsletter and send it in by April 7th.

There will be give-a-ways for participants plus a raffle for a 2 night stay in mesquite.

Registration is from 8:30 – 9:00 followed by three (3) workshop sessions until noon.  Each workshop block will have six (6) classes to choose from.  After lunch there will be a Disaster Simulation from 1 – 3 to help you better prepare.  As soon as the final class agenda is published we’ll post it at City Hall and the Post Ofice.

This is a great opportunity for your household and community, so register.  Make it an event and carpool down with family and friends – You’ll be glad you did.


The Chief's Corner


Spring time not only brings good weather but an increase of illegal activity.   Please be aware of fraud schemes that are very real and active in our area.   If it is too good to be true it usually is.  If an opportunity falls outside of normal business transactions let that be a red flag to you.

When you sell an item and the buyer sends you more money than you ask, be cautious, regardless of the buyer’s excuse.  It is a common scheme to give you hundreds to thousands more in money than you are asking for, then requesting you to send the excess to another person or account.  You may have received a cashier’s check.   The bank even accepted it.    

On the surface it looks and sounds very valid.  It is not.  After a short period of time the cashier’s check will come back to you as a forgery and you will be responsible.  If you have any question don’t hesitate to call your bank and ask about the situation.  I am also happy to listen to situations you are suspicious about.


As a reminder Spring City Ordinance says:

(6-2-5)  OHV’s also known as ATV’s are limited in speed to 15 miles per hour in town.  

(6-2-4)  OHV’s may not be driven on Main Street except between Center and 100 North.  This will allow access to the Post Office and the gas station.  

Note: If your OHV is registered as a vehicle, which includes having license plates and insurance, the Main Street exception does not apply to your OHV and normal vehicle speed traffic laws apply.

(6-2-3)  Persons under 8 years of age my not operate an OHV on any Spring City street or roadway. 

Operating an OHV between ages 8 and 16 the operator must be under the direct visual supervision of an adult 18 years of age or older holding a valid driver’s license.

Persons ages 16 and older must have a driver’s license to operate an OHV in Spring City.

Any operator under age 18 must have a properly fitted and fastened U.S. Department of Transportation safety rated helmet.


The above laws are paraphrased.  I am not an attorney nor do I give legal advice.  To read and understand the law in its entirety the Spring City Code can be accessed through the Spring City Web site.