March 2017

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Meeting Schedule & Office Hours

Public Hearing 2 March  2017 @ 6:30 PM

City Council (1st Thursday of the month)  2 March 2017 @ 7:00 PM

Planning & Zoning (last Wednesday of the month) 29 March 2017 @ 6:30 PM

All meetings are held at City Hall and open to the public.

City Hall Office Hous: Monday –Thursday 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Mark Your Calendar

Dates to Calendar!

May 26th—Dedication of the Old School Community Center
June 5th—3rd Annual Pet Show @ the City Bowery
July 21-24—Pioneer Days
August 5th—Bluegrass Festival
August 29-Sept 2nd—Plein Air Arts Competition
Sept 9th—School Bell Run
November—Christmas Ornaments submissions begin!
December—Quarters for Christmas Potluck Brunch —11am

Volunteer Spotlight – Sidewalks for Students


The Safe Routes to School project was initiated by local parents who were concerned about the safety of children walking and riding bicycles to school. Students had to share the streets with automobiles and buses that were driving to drop kids off at school. This combination of pedestrians, bicycles, cars, trucks and buses could potentially be a deadly mix. The parents decided something needed to be done to keep kids safe.

The City got involved by applying for a Safe-Routes-to-School grant to pay for the sidewalks. The City’s share would be roughly $16,000.00. However, after the grant was awarded, it became clear that there was a tremendous amount of waste of taxpayer dollars. Using the grant meant abiding by some federal guidelines that would make the cost of the four sidewalks over $208,0000.00, not involve local businesses and wouldn’t have gotten started until summer 2017. We felt we could do better.

The City Council decided not to waste the taxpayers’ money, but it had budgeted roughly $16,000.00 to pay our share of the grant. How could we get sidewalks done for the amount budgeted and get them started this fall? The answer was using LOCAL contractors, city workers and volunteers.

Initially, it was difficult finding volunteers, but “Tennessee” John Stewart decided to get the project started by calling Shane Watson of Mount Pleasant who donated engineering expertise, Joe Bennion and Steve Peterson to help with the heavy machinery prep work. Once the heavy machinery got started, Laura Allred started gathering parents to help and volunteers from LDS Spring City First Ward. Jeff Watson donated his time moving dirt, gravel, sand, and smoothing things out. The remaining volunteers: Terresa Fryer, Cody Harmer, Britney Harr, Caroline Lott, Shannon Mikel, Kimberly Stewart helped the cement finisher Steven Harr, and cement contractor Shad Hardy to complete the first block of sidewalk. The cost was approximately$7,000. Thanks to all who volunteered!

More volunteers will be needed in the spring to finish the remaining blocks. If you would like to volunteer, please call City Hall 462-2244.

Spring City Community Center

 The newly-restored school/community center will be dedicated this spring as Spring City offices, council chamber and courtroom, event space, Daughter of the Utah Pioneers Museum, and more. Art or dance studios will be available for rental, office space and conference rooms will be finished, and the beautiful ballroom will be available for weddings, family reunions, and gatherings of all sorts. This will be such a great addition to the community. We are hoping that everyone will come celebrate and help us thank the donors who made it possible! 

1917 at a Glance

-The price of lambs was $11.25 per head.
-Mayor was John Peter Johnson who was born in Sweden
-The Red Cross organization became part of Spring City life, with Mrs. J. Morgan Johnson, President.
-The Allred Hotel continued to offer rooms for rent and scrumptious chicken dinners.
-Birth of a Nation, a silent film, was shown in local theaters.
-Several newfangled automobiles appeared in town
-J. Morgan Johnson bought a 7 passenger car and toured north.
-Samuel Allred continued to serve as Bishop, counselors: Henry L. Acord & John S. Blain.
-Relief Society President was Elizabeth D. Larsen
-Jan. 27th the Sunday School celebrated its 50th anniversary.
-Fred Strate became the Scoutmaster. Boy Scouts were newly organized in 1914-15.
-4th of July featured a program in the tabernacle, children’s dance in the Lyceum (Victory Hall), sports in the park, and a dance for all in the evening, also in the Lyceum Theater.
-The barn and granary of Mrs. Rasmus Strate burned down, with a loss of 30 tons of hay.
-President Joseph F. Smith, LDS Church Prophet, toured Utah including Spring City and other Sanpete towns.
The Sugar factory in Moroni opened. Local farmers participated in sugar production by planting sugar beets.
-Laws prohibiting Liquor Sales went into effect.
-Jeannette Rankin (MT) became the first woman in the US House of Representatives.
Additional War Taxes were imposed. Lyceum Theater tickets were 10 cents plus a penny War Tax. Citizens were encouraged to buy War Savings Certificates.
-The first Pulitzer prize was awarded.
-Buffalo Bill Cody died on January 10th.
-The Carnegie Library in Mt. Pleasant was dedicated.
-The US entered World War One on April 6th. Draft Registration began in May. Woodrow Wilson was President.
-Everyone was urged to save their shoes and donate them to the people of France for the winter.
-The US was the first nation to recognize the new Russia.

Daughters of the Utah Pioneers

Daughters of Utah Pioneers 
Monthly Meeting 
March 6th @ 11am 
Come and join us for a fun morning

Dog and Cat Clinic

Saturday March 25th, 2017 
Spring City Hall All Vaccinations available for Dogs & Cats
 Rabies Shots (Discounted Price $12) 
City Dog Licenses
 Unsexed $10.00
 Sexed $15.00

 Call the City Office for more 
info @ 435-462-2244

Friends of Historic Spring City

The Friends continue efforts to pay for the construction of the Spring City School Community Center. The Eccles Foundation has pledged $100,000.00 if we can match their donation by July of this year with the balance of the CIB loan that is funding the last phase of construction. This means that we must earn $185,000. We’re making headway on this goal, and since the Utah State legislature has convened in January, Alison Anderson, FOHSC president, has been lobbing the legislators on the appropriations committees for a contribution. Many supporters have also sent emails, letters, and made phone calls in support of our request. Our state senator, Ralph Okerlund, and our representative, Derrin Owens, have been very supportive in encouraging their colleagues to fund our request. Stay tuned-we are hoping! John Potter has also worked hard and has completed a grant application for funding from Wells Fargo Bank. 
 We are earnestly working on making this spring’s Heritage Day our best event yet! Email Alison if you’d like to contribute in any way:

Spring City Recreation

Bring family, friends, neighbors! Questions: 435-709-1474 Spring is coming and that means it’s time for baseball and softball season. Sign ups will continue through March 1for T-ball teams up to and including youth ages 15. The T-Ball team is a combined boys and girls team for ages preschool thru kindergarten. The age breakdown for girls softball will be coach pitch for grades 1-2 and then teams for ages 10U, 12U, and 15U. The cost will be $35 for t-ball and coach pitch, $47 for ages 9-12 and $52 for ages 13-15.The boys baseball teams will have a coach pitch team and teams for 8U-15U. The cost breakdown will be the same as it is with the girls program. 
 Coaches are needed for all teams. Registration fee for parents that volunteer to coach will be waived. We hope to have a lot of participation in this year’s program. Spring City has a long tradition of summer baseball and it’s a great opportunity for the youth to be involved. Sign ups can be completed at City Hall. 
 North Sanpete track and field team sign ups are now under way and will end on March 17th. This will be for youth ages 7-14 and the cost is $35. Depending on age the events will include a 4x100 relay, 5m., 100m., 200m., 400m., 800m., and 1600m. There will also be shotput, discus, javelin, standing long jump, running long jump and high jump. The track meets will usually be held on weekdays and will require travel to Utah County. A South Invitational Meet will be held on June 8 and the State Track Meet will be on June 24. Registration forms and sign ups can be completed at City Hall. 
 2017 Junior Jazz Basketball teams have done well. Our 5-6 grade boys team coached by Steve Christiansen will be participating in the post season tournament. They are undefeated going into the tournament, we wish them well. Nate Rostron coached the 3-4 grade boys/girls combined team this year and were very competitive and played well together as a team. We, also, had a few girls join the Mt. Pleasant teams. Thanks to the coaches, parents and players for a successful year.

Spring City Citizen Corps (SCCC)

Community Meetings & Classes

Sponsored by Spring City Citizen Corps (SCCC) for the advancement of

Skills/ Preparedness/ Self-Reliance/ Community Resilience

Mar   2  (Thurs, 7 PM, City Hall) Plan, Prepare, Prevent:

Skills— By Popular Demand; GMRS Radio practice 

Mar   9  (Thurs, 7 PM, City Hall) Plan, Prepare, Prevent:

Skills—By Popular Demand; Home grown herbs, top 10, Cat Farneman.

Mar 11  (Saturday, ?, Location and time to be announced) Plan, Prepare, Prevent: 

Skills—CERT, Mass Casualty Event.

Mar  16 (Thurs, 7:00 PM, City Hall) Plan, Prepare, Prevent: 

Skills—By Popular Demand; PVC Archery making, hands on.

Mar  19 (Sun, 6:30 PM, City Hall) Plan, Prepare, Prevent:

Skills—By Popular Demand; Deep Survival, the philosophy of surviving.

Mar  23(Thurs, 7 PM, City Hall) Plan, Prepare, Prevent:

Skills—By Popular Demand; Cheese Making.

Mar  30 (Thurs, 7 PM, City Hall) Plan, Prepare, Prevent:

Skills—By Popular Demand; CERT, What did we learn from Mass Casualty.

All events are open to the public at NO COST.

Bring family, friends, neighbors!

Questions: 435-709-1474

Spring City Citizen Corps (SCCC)

Important Notice

This year the Central Utah Regional Citizen Corps has opened up their annual conference to the general public AND THERE IS NO REGISTRATION FEE: Sat., April 22nd 8:30 – 3:00.  Pick up a registration form along with your newsletter and send it in by April 7th.

There will be give-a-ways for participants plus a raffle for a 2 night stay in mesquite.

Registration is from 8:30 – 9:00 followed by three (3) workshop sessions until noon.  Each workshop block will have six (6) classes to choose from.  After lunch there will be a Disaster Simulation from 1 – 3 to help you better prepare.  As soon as the final class agenda is published we’ll post it at City Hall and the Post Ofice.

This is a great opportunity for your household and community, so register.  Make it an event and carpool down with family and friends – You’ll be glad you did.


Quarters for Christmas

Hope you’ve started dropping all your loose change into a mason jar! SAVE ALL OF YOUR COINS, not just the quarters. Our Christmas Party, on December 2nd, will focus on helping others in our county. There is a special Quarters for Christmas can at City Hall & our elementary school for you to empty your jar of coins, then you can work to fill it again! Saving a little bit at a time adds up to doing many good things for people in need! Get the kids involved in this worthy project!!!