December Newsletter

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Well it’s the last Newsletter of the year. Here’s a link so you can read it.


Also Remember

Spring City’s Quarters for Christmas Event is on Saturday, December 2nd!!

That morning at approximately 11 a.m. EVERYONE will be meeting at the Ball Park in City Park when KSL’s Chopper 5 will land bringing us Santa!!!

KSL TV people will be coming to Spring City that morning to feature us on their broadcasts!   You’ll all want to be there in the Old School Community Center Council Room (after Chopper 5 lands) when we will present KSL with all that we’ve collected to contribute to this great cause to buy coats & shoes for Sanpete County children.  In addition to individual contributions Spring City will be contributing the $500 budget usually marked for our town Christmas Party to Quarters for Christmas!

So bring some yummy food, because following the presentations, we will go up to the Ballroom for a Pot Luck Brunch!

Remember, contributions to our Quarters for Christmas fundraiser will go to help children in our county.






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