Spring City, Utah

 P.O. Box 189

150 East Center 

Spring City, UT 84662

Office Hours: Monday–Thursday 8AM – 4PM (Mountain Standard Time {MST})

Phone: (435) 462-2244    Fax: (435) 462-2654

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Our Staff

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Jack D. Monnett


John D. Monnett is Spring City’s current mayor.

Email him at mayor@springcityutah.org
His Responsibilities Include:

City Personnel,

State Reporting,

Police Department,

Liaison to Community Organizations… Read More

Neil Sorenson

City Councilman

Email him citycouncil1@springcityutah.org

His Responsibilities Include:

Mayor Pro Temp,


Emergency Preparedness,

Water Department,

Liaison for Power Board… Read More

Keith Coltharp

City Councilman

Email him at citycouncil2@springcityutah.org

His Responsibilities Include:


Deputy Treasurer,


City Grounds,

Liaison to the Friends of Historic Spring City… Read More

Whitney Allred

City Councilman

Email him at citycouncil3@springcityutah.org

His Responsibilities Include:

Liaison to Events Coordinator,

Liaison to Recreation Coordinator,

Alternate Signer on City Checks,

Spring City Signs… Read More

Cody Harmer

City Councilman

Cody Harmer is a Spring City councilman.

Email him at citycouncil4@springcityutah.org

His Responsibilities Include:

Sewer Department,

City Buildings,

Home Business… Read More

Kimberly RL Stewart

City Councilwoman

Email her at citycouncil5@springcityutah.org

Her Responsibilities Include:


Information & Publicity,


Liaison to Planning & Zoning,

Grants… Read More

Dixie Earl


Email her at treasurer@springcityutah.org
Her responsibilities include:
City Bills,

Customer Service,

Utility Bills,

Deputy Recorder… Read More

Lurlynn Potter


Lurlynn is the City Treasurer. Email her at treasurer@springcityutah.org or call the city office 435-462-2244. Her responsibilities include: City Bills, Customer Service, Utility Bills, Deputy Recorder

Jim Phillips

Deputy Treasurer/Office Staff

Jim Phillips works part-time in the city office.

Contact him by calling City Office (435) 462-2244 or emailing him at deputyTreasurer@springcityutah.org

His Responsibilities Include:

Customer Service,

Deputy Treasurer,

Cemetery Records… Read More

Kent Kummer


Kent Kummer is a member of the Spring City Public Works Department; he is the Spring City Lineman

Email him at electric@springcityutah.org

His Responsibilities Include:


Hydro Plant,

Liaison to Utah Association of Municipal Power Systems (UAMPS),

Member of Spring City Power Board… Read More

Jim Bennett

Public Works

Contact Jim by calling the city office at (435) 462-2244 or emailing him publicworks@springcityutah.org

His Responsibilities Include:



Water… Read More

Yvonne Wright

Events Coordinator

Contact Yvonne by calling the city office at (435) 462-2244 or email her at recreation/activities@springcityutah.org

Her Responsibilities Include:

Pioneer Day,

Monthly Events,

Founder’s Day,

Town Parties, … Read More

Cynthia DeGrey

Recreation Coordinator

Contact Cynthia by calling the city office at (435) 462-2244

Her Responsibilities Include:





Softball… Read More