November 2017

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Meeting Schedule & Office Hours

City Council (1st Thursday of the month) 2 Nov. 2017 @ 7:00 PM

Planning & Zoning (last Wednesday of the month) 29 Nov. 2017 @ 6:30 PM

All meetings are held at City Hall (45 South 100 East) and open to the public. 

City Hall Office Hours: Monday –Thursday 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM

To Submit Newsletter items please email unformatted text by 20 Sept. to

Paid Ad Space Available

Ad space is available in the Spring Town Times (city newsletter.) For prices call Whit Allred @ 435-469-0347.

Whit Allred

Buying or selling a home or property? We can make your experience a breeze! Give Whit Allred a call at Dyches Realty today! (435) 469-0347

Daughters of Utah Pioneers

Daughters of Utah Pioneers and Associates, November 6th is our next meeting @ 11:00 a.m. in the ballroom at the City Hall & Community Center. (The elevator is fixed.) This month we want to express gratitude for all of you and for all that we are blessed with. We live in such a beautiful city and enjoy the heritage that is here. It is a privilege to be keepers of the past. We hope to share November with you.

Spring City Elementary

Our Free Fall Carnival will be held in conjunction with the Scholastic Book Fair. Tuesday, November 7th 5 - 7 pm in gym. November 7 - 10 is the Scholastic Book Fair at the school library. Hours are as follows Tuesday, November 7: 8 am to 4 pm and 5 pm to 7 pm Wednesday, November 8: 8 am to 4 pm Thursday, November 9: 8 am to 4 pm Friday, November 10: 8 am to 4 pm Volunteers are still needed to help work the book fair.  Please contact Libbie Hinckley at (435) 314-9091 The PTA is sponsoring a fundraiser selling Grandma Nona's Fudge.  25% of sales will go to the school to provide school supplies and fun activities.  The fundraiser will run from November 14 to November 28.  Please contact any student or faculty during those two weeks to order this yummy fudge made in our own Spring City!

Veteran's Program

The Veteran's of Foreign Wars Post 9276 along with the American Legion Post 4 will honor our Veterans at our local cemeteries November 11, 2017. -Spring City Cemetery 11:30 am -Mt. Pleasant Cemetery 11:00 am -Fairview Cemetery 10:30 am

Annual Christmas Ornaments Fundraiser

Artists of all ages -- November is the beginning of our traditional Events Fundraiser – hand-made Christmas ornaments to be sold from the Christmas tree in Das Cafe. The money earned from this fundraiser enhances funding for future Spring City events! Start creating your ornaments now. When you're finished, bring them to City Hall (not to Das Cafe) for pricing before November 30th. If you have questions contact Kim Crowley at 801-529-2263. On December 1st, visit Das Cafe to purchase the ornaments that have been so creatively and lovingly made!

Let's Do This!!

Someone in town already has saved 16 pounds of coins for Quarters for Christmas, simply by emptying their pocket change into a bag since the event was first announced in January!!! Hope you're saving all your loose change (& paper stuff too) in a mason jar for our Quarters for Christmas Event on Saturday, December 2nd. That morning at 11 a.m. EVERYONE will be meeting for a Pot Luck Brunch in the Ballroom of our Community Center. The City will be contributing the budget usually marked for our town Christmas Party to Quarters for Christmas! KSL will be coming to Spring City that morning to feature us on their broadcasts! You will want to be there when they come here to receive what we've all contributed! And if asked -- they will even bring Chopper 5!!! But that will depend on the amount of support we have for this. So feel free to give me lots of feedback. Call Yvonne @ (801) 466-2898.
We have invited organizations in our City -- & nearby cities too -- to participate in raising funds for this worthy event. There is a gallon paint can on the counter of City Hall for you to empty you mason jar into as you keep filling it. There's also another labelled can on the office desk at the Spring City Elementary so encourage your kids to help by dropping coins into it! Contributions to our Quarters for Christmas fundraiser will go to help families in our county.

Chief's Corner

First, please be aware my phone number has changed. It is now 435-262-6331. The old 801 number is not being answered. Remember if it is an emergency please dial 911. If you have concerns, you are welcome to call me on my cell phone. If I am not available the fastest way to contact me is to send a text.

Please remember to leave outside lights on at night both in the front and rear of your home. It is not expensive to run lights outside, especially with the new florescent and LED bulbs. Light is an enemy to thieves and burglars. They do not like their activity witnessed and light allows others to see them. Often light will make the “target harder” so the thief will move on to another opportunity.

Please also remember to always lock your homes. The majority of the community is honest and will help you look out for your property. Thanks, neighborhood watch. But, we do have an element of society that is not honest. And with today’s mobility and transportation thieves that are looking for an opportunity may not be from our community. 

With Halloween coming up please escort your children from house to house. In my opinion the greatest risk is a traffic incident. Wear light colored costumes and carry lights. Drivers be extra cautious-no tragedies involving kids.

 I will be placing extra emphasis on stop sign violations. “rolling stops” in Utah are not legal and may be costly. Please make sure you stop completely. THIS IS ESPECIALLY TRUE AT THE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL. Several of the drivers around the school need to improve, this includes moms.

Nov. 7th we will be sending 15 volunteer firefighters to Fire School taught by Utah Fire and Rescue Academy. This is a major effort on the part of each firefighter and will take a great deal of work and effort. Please support your volunteer firefighters and thank them for their personal sacrifices. Several have also expressed the desire to be EMTS and will follow up with additional EMS training.


Indoor Yard & Bake Sale

Friday and Saturday Nov 17th & 18th

Taking donated items for sale. All proceeds go to buy equipment and training for the fire department.Contact Don Chambers 435-462-9258 For Pick up and drop off information. Let’s all get behind this, our fire department has need of pagers and equipment.

Sports & Recreation

Youth soccer season is now officially over. Our 3-4 grade team had a great season and made it into the post-season tournament play. They played well and had a successful and fun season. Thanks to coach Traci Allred and all the parents who assisted and supported our youth.
We started flag football while soccer was going on so these two sports overlapped for a few weeks. We had a few dedicated youth that played both sports so they and their parents spent lots of hours at the ballpark during the month of September. Flag football is ending and post season tournaments started on October 23. All three of our teams will be participating and so we wish them all good luck and hope they are successful. Thanks again to coaches Ryan Farr, Nate Rostron, Bobby Olsen, Shane Allred, Pete Allred, Devin Krebs. Thanks to the parents for their support as well. The tournament schedule is posted on our Facebook page.
Junior Jazz basketball sign ups are currently taking place until November 18th. We encourage all youth between the ages of 1st grade thru 8th grade to join a team and come and participate. We also hope as parents you will sign your kids up for Spring City teams by registering them at Spring City Hall. Please don't have them sign up in Mt. Pleasant - we want to keep all our town kids playing on Spring City teams and appreciate you supporting this effort. We also need volunteer coaches so let me know if you are interested in coaching. Games will begin the first part of January, 2018.
Kids also can purchase additional Jr. Jazz tickets or basketball shorts for an added cost; they will need to note that on the bottom section of the flyer. They will only need to fill out the bottom section of the flyer, IF they want to purchase additional Jazz tickets ($15.00) or the shorts ($12.00). Also, please complete the regular registration form that we use for the other sports. This can be found at Spring City Hall or on the website at Please fill out that form out completely. Stay caught up on all the news of Spring City sports, "Like" us on Facebook Spring City Sports and Recreation.

Spring City Arts

Jonathan Allred of Troop 548 just presented to Spring City Arts 12 beautiful artist drawing chairs. The chairs were crafted as Jonathan's Eagle Project, and will enable Spring City Arts to accommodate a class full of artists for drawing sessions. Each chair carries a plaque showing that they were presented in memory of Jonathan's Grandfather, Osral Allred, one of the Spring City's most well-known and beloved artists. Jonathan is son of Scott and Teresa and the grandson of Linda Allred, all of Spring City.

Spring City Arts is pleased to announce a Christmas Musical Program at 7:00 pm on Saturday, December 16, in the Spring City Arts Gallery on Main Street. The program will feature Dave and Carla Eskelsen, the talented singers/songwriters from Farmington, Utah who make up the performing duo know as the Eskeltones. They are local favorites, having performed several times previously in Spring City. You will definitely enjoy the program and visiting with the Eskelsens. Tickets will be $10. This will be a great addition to Spring City's holiday calendar.

Spring City Citizen Corps (SCCC)

Community Meetings & Classes

Sponsored by Spring City Citizen Corps (SCCC) for the advancement of Skills/ Preparedness/ Self-Reliance/ Community Resilience. Classes are Thursdays @ 7p.m., 150 E. Center (except as noted).

Nov. 2 Plan, Prepare, Prevent (PPP): Skills In Depth Potable Water Safety Part 3 of 4

Nov. 9 PPP: Skills Educating Children at Home

Nov. 16 PPP: Potluck at 6:30 p.m. More on Stuff

Nov. 23 Thanksgiving NO CLASS

Nov.30 PPP: Skills Reloading-Save $, Customize

All events are open to the public at NO COST. Bring family, friends & neighbors! Questions 435-709-1474

Dead Large Game Animal?

Call Matt Briggs, Fish & Game Dept. 435-340-0140.

Heat Assistance

Information on 2017-2018 Heat Assistance will be posted at the City Hall, or you can call the Manti HEAT Office at 835-2831. Applications will be taken through April 2018.

Do you know someone who is a great community volunteer; someone who is always willing to help. Tell us in 100 words or less and submit it to for publication in our next newsletter.