October 2017

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Meeting Schedule & Office Hours

Public Hearing 5 Oct. @ 6:30 PM

City Council (1st Thursday of the month) 5 Oct. 2017 @ 7:00 PM

Planning & Zoning (last Wednesday of the month) 25 Oct @ 6:30 PM

All meetings are held at City Hall and open to the public.

City Hall Office Hous: Monday –Thursday 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Daughters of Utah Pioneers

Daughters of Utah Pioneers and Associates, it’s time for our October meeting. October 2, 2017 @ 11:00 a.m. in theBall Room of the City Hall & Community Center. Light Refreshments, a great 10 minute history, and a 20 minute Lesson. Please join us, it will be so much fun to see you again. A great way to begin Fall.

Mark Your Calendar


Oct 27, 28, 30, 31Haunted House

Nov                   Christmas Ornaments submissions begin

Dec 2                Quarters for Christmas Potluck Brunch 11:00AM


Are you saving up all your loose change (& paper cash too) in a mason jar for our Quarters for Christmas Event on Saturday, December 2nd? Hope so! That morning at 11 a.m. EVERYONE will be meeting for a Pot Luck Brunch in the Ballroom of our Old School Community Center. The City will be contributing the budget usually marked for our town Christmas Party to Quarters for Christmas! KSL will be coming to Spring City that morning to feature us on their broadcasts! You'll all want to be there when they come down here to receive what we've all contributed! And if asked -- they will even bring Chopper 5!!! But that will depend on the amount of support we have for this. So feel free to give me lots of feedback. Call Yvonne @ (801) 466-2898. We have invited organizations in our City -- & nearby cities too -- to participate in raising funds for this worthy event. There is a gallon paint can on the counter of City Hall office with this label for you to empty you mason jar into as you keep filling it. There's also another labelled can on the office desk at the Spring City Elementary so encourage your kids to help by dropping coins into it! Contributions to our Quarters for Christmas fundraiser will go to help families in our county.

Sports & Recreation

We are just finishing up our regular season for Youth Soccer. Our 3-4 Grade team has only lost one game this year so we want to congratulate them on a successful year.  Thanks to Traci Allred for coaching this year's team. The kids have improved a lot and hopefully had fun playing. We hope they finish out the season strong and then it's on to postseason play. Good luck team!! The Flag Football season just began last week and the first game for the 4-6 grade league put our two Spring City teams facing off against each other. Teams are coached by Ryan Farr, Nate Rostron, Bobbie Olsen, Shane Allred, and Pete Allred. It was a good learning experience for both teams and we wish them success for this year. We also have a 1-3 grade team and we appreciate Devon Krebbs agreeing to coach this team. They also played their first game last Wednesday night and ended up winning their game against Mt. Pleasant. Follow our Facebook Page "Spring City Sports and Recreation" for updates and more information.

Friends of Historic Spring City

With the Spring City School Community Center restored, now in use as city offices and the DUP Museum, the Friends of Historic Spring City are exploring what we might do next to benefit Spring City. We’ve just turned over funds to the city to retire the 2015 CIB loan; there is still a balance on the 2011 CIB loan that we’re responsible to repay. We’ll continue to raise funds for that, and we hope to do some additional projects that will have a positive impact on the historic buildings in town and the local economy. We hope that the ballroom in the Community Center, as well as the 3rd floor studio spaces and the 2nd floor office spaces will be rented to generate funds for the city. If you missed the dedication in May and haven’t seen the building interior, be sure to stop by for a look—it is open Monday through Thursday during City office hours, and Saturday for visitors to the Museum. Thank you for your help and support in reaching this milestone!

Spring City Fire Department Needs Volunteers!

Full Training is provided for many areas including: EMT Certification, Wild Land Fire Prevention, Structure Fire, etc.

Earn $5 for each training class you attend.

After Wild Land Fire Certification, the Federal Government can hire you for part-time summer employment at $25/hr!

Women or Men 18+ years are invited to contact: Clarke Christensen, Police and Fire Chief 801-636-9653

Fire Department  Training Meetings: Thursdays at  7 PM, Fire Station, City Offices


No Burn Dates: May 1—Oct 31 (Call the Fire Department prior to burning if you need to do so during that time.)

On-Call Emergency Service

24/7 for POWER, WATER, SEWER The old utility emergency on-call number is no longer available. For all after-hour utility emergencies, please call 435-462-2244 ext. 4.

Oxygen Needs During Outages?

If you, or someone you know, needs to be on oxygen; please inform the city offices so we can assist during power outages. Contact: 435-462-2244 DeputyTreasurer@springcityutah.org

Spring City Citizen Corps (SCCC)

Community Meetings & Classes

Sponsored by Spring City Citizen Corps (SCCC) for the advancement of Skills/ Preparedness/ Self-Reliance/ Community Resilience. Classes are Thursdays @ 7p.m., 150 E. Center (except as noted).

Oct.  5 Plan, Prepare, Prevent (PPP): Skills CERT, Beyond First Aid–by Combat Medic

Oct.  12 PPP: Skills Out of the Box Body & Mind Wellness

Oct.  15 (Sun. 6:30pm)PPP: Skills: In-Depth Potable Water Purification Series Part-2 of 4

Oct.  19 PPP: Potluck at 6:30 p.m. Sale of Excess First Responder Supplies

Oct.  26 PPP: Skills Safety, Care, Maintenance of Firearms

All events are open to the public at NO COST. Bring family, friends & neighbors! Questions 435-709-1474

Questions: 435-709-1474


"There's no harm in hoping for the best as long as you are prepared for the worst."

–Different Seasons by Stephen King

Submitting Newsletter Items

Submit newsletter items to treasurer@springcityutah.org, call City Hall@462-2244, or drop them by City Office. Please submit items by 4:00 PM on the 20th of the month prior to publication.

Classified Ads

Paid Ad Space Available

Beginning in October, ad space will be available in the Spring Town Times (city newsletter.) For prices call Whit Allred @ 435-469-0347.

Whit Allred

Buying or selling a home or property? We can make your experience a breeze! Give Whit Allred a call at Dyches Realty today! (435) 469-0347 whit@cut.net