Kimberly RL Stewart

City Councilwoman

Kimberly RL Stewart is a Spring City councilwoman.

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Her Responsibilities Include:


Information & Publicity,


Liaison to Planning & Zoning,


Where do you get your Inspiration?

I have lived in many different places before moving to Spring City; mostly major metropolitan areas. I am so glad to have found such a unique place to live. We have a little bit of everything and everyone; young families & retirees, agriculture & artists, old families & move ins, history & historic buildings. Everyone’s voice needs to be heard and we all can contribute. The best way for our town to move forward is to work together as a community.

Call us, we will listen. It’s our job.
Everyone who works for Spring City works for its citizens. Mayor, maintenance, city council, office staff, public works, recreation. We are all here to help the citizens; if you have a suggestion, critique, or want to make your town a better place. Call us, we will listen. (435) 462-2244

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